Aqua Purity Plus, L.L.C., is a provider of BOTTLE-LESS pure drinking water systems for business and homes, as well as, total water filtration solutions for your building or residence.

You may ask; why go bottle-less? Well, the startling statistic is the bottle water industry in the U.S. topped $10 billion in 2007 placing second in sales of non-alcoholic beverages! Industry analysts project that within the next 6 years bottled water will be a $45 billion dollar business in the U.S.

What the sales projection may not take into account is the growing concern about the wastefulness of an industry that consumes 47 million gallons of oil to manufacture plastic water bottles. Nor does the projection include statistics on the millions of gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel consumed and tons of greenhouse gases released when bottled water is transported to retail outlets! Finally, there is the negative impact in our environment with the millions of plastic bottles going into our waste system!!

As a direct distributor for industry-leading, Point-of-Use water coolers such as Oasis and Wellsys USA, we can provide years of safe, delicious and continuous filtered water at the lowest prices possible! Currently a member of the Water Quality Association, the Orange County, Warwick Valley & Florida Chambers of Commerce, our goal is to provide our customers the latest in water technologies! We specialize in Reverse Osmosis ultra purification which produces the best tasting water from either municipal or private well supplies! It works and we guarantee it!

In addition, our complete line of Ecowater & Cuno / MacClean water softening and conditioning products can handle all your residential & commercial water problems from hardness to acidity. We conduct on site, water quality tests and provide N.Y.S. certified lab reports. All products are certified by the Water Quality Association and the National Sanitation Foundation. Visit our website @ Conveniently located in Warwick, N.Y., and with coverage throughout the Hudson Valley NY & Northern/Central NJ areas, we are at your service! I can personally be reached on my cell @ 845-988-6934. Call us today for a free presentation on all our products and services. Please feel free to inform all your clients about us.